Lake Chuzenji hiking – Section 2/3 Senjudo Temple (Senjugahama to Mujinakubo)

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Chuzenji Lake hiking course

This section is a connection to both  Lake Chuzenji hiking – Section 1/3 Kumakubo (Bear Cove)  and the Lake Chuzenji hiking – Section 3/3 Hangetsu and Together the combined distance is 21km (3km for the Lake Chuzenji section of the Hangetsu hike)

To completely circumnavigate Lake Chuzenji, the total distance is 26km.  However the section between Shobugahara camping to Chuzenji Onsen and Kegon Falls is along the road.

Lake chuzenji Senjugahama trailhead
Senjugahama (Senjo beach) starting point

You can get to Senjugahama 3 ways; you can hike from Ryuzu Waterfall or from Hangetsu Mountain or take the hybrid bus from the Akanuma Nature Center bus stop #39.

Senjugahama Senju beach
Senjugahama (Senju beach)

Senjugahama is a beautiful beach to enjoy a great view and listen to the little waves breaking.

Senjudo temple
Senju do in the middle of the woods

In 2015, I hiked to this area looking for the foundation remains of Senjo temple and so it was astounding to look up and get this glimpse of this new reconstruction of the temple from the year 784 built by Shodo Shonin.  This replica was complete in November of 2016, 1,200 years after the original.

Senjudo temple Chuzenji

This are only trees and Lake Chuzenji surrounding the temple as it stands directly across from Nantai Mountain.

Senjudoon the trail
Senjudo temple on the hill
Senjudo temple on Lake Chuzenji
Panoramic of Senjudo temple overlooking Nantai mountain on Lake Chuzenji.

Panoramic of Senjudo temple overlooking Nantai mountain on Lake Chuzenji.

Senjugahama viewing point
overlooking Lake Chuzenji on the trail

The trail has several observation spots where you can openly see Lake Chuzenji.

crossing creeks chuzenji hike
wood planks crossing a creek

Over the course of this hike, you will cross several creeks flowing into Lake Chuzenji.

class 2 hiking trail chuzenji
rocky trail

What makes this trail a Class 2 (almost 3) are the many sections of rocking traverses over large boulders where even your feet might get stuck and twisted.

Nantai from Lake Chuzenji hiking trail
on a cliff overlooking Lake Chuenji and Nantai Mountain

There are 3 cliffs that have wonderful views of Nantai Mountain across from Lake Chuzenji.

cliff on Lake Chuzenji hiking trail
cliff on Lake Chuzenji

This cliff has is about 100 meters high above Lake Chuzenji.

mushrooms on Lake Chuzenji
mushrooms everywhere on the trail

Since this section of the trail (2 of 3) is on the south part of Lake Chuzenji, it doesn’t get so much sunlight.  This creates a large quantity and variety of mushrooms to grow along most of the trail.

Lake Chuzenji hiking trail
Lake Chuzenji hiking trail

It is a great trail with such of variety of vegetation and different kinds of wildlife.  You will certain hear birds chirping and deer shrieking and possibly other animals like foxes, rabbits, serows and bears.

view of Lake Chuzenji
great swimming spot

A very remote a great place to swim on the west side of Hocchode jima (peninsula).

creek flowing to Lake Chuzenji
another creek

Some of the creeks that you cross don’t have bridges of planks to walk across, so you may get your boots wet. or socks. or feet.

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