Hiking Nantai Mountain

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Grade IV : Class 3

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For one week every summer, you can climb Nantai at midnight, click here for more details.

To get to the Nantai southern trailhead / torii / gate at Futarasan Shrine, you can get a public bus (45 minutes to 1 hour ride) from JR Nikko or Tobu Nikko train station or make a tour.  Futarasan is the name of the bus stop.

This southern gate is open between 5 May and 25 October.

It takes about 4-5 hours round trip to climb Mt. Nantai and there is a small fee to enter from Futarasan Shrine.

You will find Nantai Mountain and the trail on the Nikko tourist map (not a topographical map) available at the Nikko Tourist Information Center (Gokomachi).  A link to their .pdf is kept updated here.

The last 20% of the hike is like landing on the planet Mars, the volcanic strata is a rich reddish-purple and is everywhere and makes the area seem completely barren.

If you area lucky, you will see Mt. Fuji from the peak of Mt. Nantai, a distance of 175km apart!

There are two trails to climb Nantai Mountain. From the north, the trail head is a bit difficult to get to and requires a 4WD or else you’ll need to add an extra 2 hours each way to walk to it from the main road. The closest trailhead to get to is the southern one at the Torii (gate) of Futarasan Shrine at the foot of Lake Chuzenji.

hiking nantai mountain-1
across from the bus stop #30, enter Futarasan Shrine through this gate
hiking nantai mountain-2
“Mandatory”  ¥500 Donation to be paid at the shrine
hiking nantai mountain-3
a little while up the trail, there is a little view of Lake Chuzenji
hiking nantai mountain-4
Nantai service road becomes the trail
hiking nantai mountain-5
through the gate is the hiking trail

Nantai service road becomes the trail, trail continues through the gate.  If you walk the road more, there’s a great view of Lake Chuzenji

hiking nantai mountain-9
Chuzenji Lake, Hangetsu and Takayama
hiking nantai mountain-11
Autumn foliage on Nantai
hiking nantai mountain-12
Several gates can be found on Nantai
hiking nantai mountain-13
Nantai Mountain marker
hiking nantai mountain-14
above the clouds
hiking nantai mountain-15
entering Mars on Nantai
hiking nantai mountain-27
volcanic red sand
hiking nantai mountain-25
Lake Chuzenji from Nantai hiking trail
hiking nantai mountain-28
Senjogahara and Lake Yu – Yunoko from Nantai
hiking nantai mountain-32
Nantai Mountain Hiking, gates and dragonflies
hiking nantai mountain-34
gates on Nantai Mountain
hiking nantai mountain-40
gate and Mt. Fuji from Nantai mountain
hiking nantai mountain-42
Mt. Fuji from Nantai Mountain, Nikko Japan
hiking nantai mountain-72
a gate above the clouds of Nantai Mountain
hiking nantai mountain-62
a guard to the two mountains of Futarasan
hiking nantai mountain-71
lanterns on Nantai mountain
hiking nantai mountain-70
shrine on the peak of Nantai Mountain
hiking nantai mountain-61
abandoned hut on the peak of Nantai
hiking nantai mountain-63
Nyoho Mountain Peak on the right

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