Autumn Leaves Nikko 2014 (Updated October 7)

autumn leaves
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Over the next few weeks, we’re waking up and having breakfast earlier than early for those that want to see the autumn leaves here in Nikko.

The autumn leaves season in Nikko has officially begun.

The Akechidaira Ropeway (cablecar) is a great way to see the colors around Keggon Waterfall, Lake Chuzenji and Nantai Mountain.

The colors of the leaves around Chuzenji are spectacular already this year.

Interestingly, some areas haven’t started to change color, yet.  The teragasaki (Peninsula) is all green still, so look forward to it being brilliant in 2 weeks.

Today was one of the most blue sky / cloud-free days this year.  Many boaters took the opportunity to enjoy it on the lake.

Only at the top of Nantai Mountain are there an signs of red and paleness.

Even the trees welcoming you to Ryuzu waterfall are colorful.

Can’t say the same for one of the iconic photogenic locations of Nikko, Ryuzu Waterfall.

Another iconic spot for autumn leaves in Nikko is at the base of Ryuzu Waterfall looking back south toward Lake Chuzenji.

The most red tree around is here at the waterfall.

Although you won’t find many ginkgo or maple trees in Senjogahara, the paleness of the vegetation changes the landscape as the treat for return visitors.

You don’t need red leaves to tell you that it is autumn.

Such a great boardwalk.

Green tints and paleness amongst the birch trees.

Nothing like having a “be careful of bears” sign on a tree that has been hacked by deer antlers.

Autumn in Nikko.

Some colors looking up from the base of Yu waterfall (yutaki).

As you ascend the 347 stairs that follow the waterfall, there are some maple trees visible scattered alongside.

With such a bright clear day, the water shines so white.

Looking south over Senjogahara from the top of Yu waterfall (yutaki).

Lake Yu (Yunoko) has some great color already.

Another sign of autumn, fallen leaves.


One of the trees you’ll see as you enter the onsen area of Yumoto alongside Lake Yu.

Update :

Post October 5 October 6 Typoon Autumn leaves for Nikko 2014, photographs made Oct 7 >

The heavy winds of the recent typhoon whisked away many leaves of the trees at the bottom of Ryuzu Waterfall.

Bare trees and autumn leaves at Lake Yu.

Post Typhoon Skies and colored mountain tops in Nikko.

Slightly protected in its gorge, still some of the trees have lost some leaves.

Luckily, there are still many more trees and areas with trees just starting to turn color.

Check back here in about a week for an update 😉

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