hiking in Nikko Japan

Here are the top best hiking trails here in in Nikko Japan.

Grade I: One to two hours of actual hiking time –

  1. Toyama / Sotoyama / To Mountain / Soto Mountain 4.3km 2hr Class 1 *
  2. Lake Yu (Yunoko) 3.0km 1hr Class 1 *
  1. Onsen Temple 1km 1hr Class 1 *
  2. Takino Path / Shiraito Waterfall Class 1

Grade II: Less than half a day of actual hiking time –

  1. Sasamekura Class 2 [see the restaurant at the base of the trail, Seryuin Yamagoya Cafe]
  2. Suginamiki Park (walking, not hiking) Class 1

Grade III: Half a day of actual hiking time –

  1. Senjogahara (sometimes spelled Senjougahara) 6.3km 2:30 – 5 hr Class 1 *
  2. Odashirogahara : See Senjogahara 7.2km 2:30hr Class 1 *
  3. Lake Sai (sainoko) / via Senjugamana or Odashirogahara 7.0km add 3:00hr Class 2 *
  4. Akechidaira Plateau 4hr (Lake Chuzenji Trailhead via Chanokidaira Plateau) Class 2 *
  5. Mt. Hangetsu 5hr (Lake Chuzenji Trailhead via Chanokidaira Plateau) Class 2 *
  6. Takayama Class 2 *
  7. Daiya River Park Class 1

Grade IV: Full day of actual hiking time –

  1. Nantai Mountain 5km 6:30hr (Southern Trail Head at Futarasan Shrine on Lake Chuzenji) Class 3 *
  2. Lake Kirikomi / Lake Karikomi 9.7km 4:20hr Class 2 *
  3. Lake Chuzenji – section 1 (circumnavigate) : Shobugahama to Senjugahama 4:00hr Class 3
  4. Lake Chuzenji – section 2 (circumnavigate) Senjugahama to Mujinakubo (Hangetsu Mountain trailhead) 12.6km 5:00hr Class 2 *
  5. Shirane Mountain 8:30hr Class 3 *
  6. Taro Mountain Class 2 *

Grade V: Two day (both can be full day hikes if you have a 4WD vehicle to navigate this portion)

  1. Nantai Mountain 10:00hr (northern trail from Kotoku (Sleep at free cabin : Shizu Hut) Class 3
  2. Nyoho Mountain 10:00hr (sleep at free cabin : Shizu Hut) Class 3

a (*) means that the hiking trail is in Nikko National Park

Hiking in Nikko Japan offers an array of trails catering to different levels of experience and time commitment. Grade I trails can be completed in one to two hours, while Grade II trails require less than half a day. For those seeking a longer trek, Grade III trails offer a half day’s worth of hiking, while Grade IV trails provide a full day of adventure. The most challenging option, Grade V, spans two days and necessitates a 4WD vehicle for navigation. Explore these magnificent hiking trails in Nikko Japan and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

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