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If you are planning to go to western Nikko to visit Kegon Waterfall, Chuzenji Lake, Ryuzu Waterfall, Senjogahara, Lake Yu, Yumoto Onsen, or to northern Nikko to Kirifuri or Ozasa, buy a “Nikko Free Pass”.  It is less expensive to buy a “Nikko Free Pass” then buying a single use ticket on the bus (roundtrip).  “Free” in the name is your ability to get-on and get-off anywhere and as many times as you like along the bus route. These Nikko Free Passes sold at Tobu Nikko and JR Nikko are different than the All Nikko Pass and World Heritage Pass sold only at Asakusa station.

The difference is that the Nikko Free Passes are only for the buses in Nikko while the All Nikko Pass and World Heritage Pass include roundtrip train transportation from Asakusa station in Tokyo. Years ago, the Tobu Nikko Line originated at Asakusa station

The “Nikko Free Pass” is valid for two consecutive days of travel

There are 6 choices (children are half price)

Yumoto Onsen – 3,000 or 3100 yen 1 hr 10 min

Senjogahara – 2,650 yen 55 min

Lake Chuzenji – 2,000 or 2100 yen 45 min

Kirifuri – 1,200 yen

Ozasa – 1,800 yen

World Heritage – 500 yen (otherwise a 25 minute walk uphill from Tobu Nikko or JR Nikko)

Every morning, sometime twice, our free shuttle brings guests directly to the Unesco World Heritage area or to JR Nikko or Tobu Nikko train stations to buy a “Nikko Free Pass”

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