Hiking Shirane

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Hiking the highest mountain in Nikko City and Tochigi Prefecture takes some planning and enough time to do it.  It’s that the peak is set back in the local range of hiking trails in nikko national park.

We highly recommend camping at the Yumoto Camping site to get an early start as the hiking loop is a total of 11.5 km.  Also, we don’t recommend returning the way that we did as the trail from Goshiki to Yumoto is way overgrown and dangerous for your footing as you will see in the following photographs.

It’s a long hike and so we have a special offer for those that will climb it.  You should plan to camp at both the camping area at the base AND camp at the mountain hut.

Plan to camp at the base and get an early start and by nightfall find your way to the mountain hut.  Then the next morning, set off to explore the Shirane Mountain, Goshiki and Goshikinuma and Midagaike (mountain lakes).  Be sure to catch the last bus from Yumoto Onsen (by 7pm) and take the bus all the way back to JR Nikko station or Tobu Nikko station.

Stay at earth hoste : the riverhouse, do some camping and come back to earth hostel the riverhouse and refresh.

hiking shirane-50
an overview of the hike

Above is an overview of the hike.  Be sure to visit our main hiking page to download the .pdf of trail details.

hiking shirane-2
Yumoto campground area

Yumoto campground is a basic camping area.  There is also a BBQ area if you were to grill some food.

hiking shirane-3
main trailhead

The main trailhead is several hundred meters north from the camping area.

hiking shirane-4
enter the forest

It’s a beautiful beginning as you are soon in the forest.

hiking shirane-6
view of Shirane peak

It doesn’t take long, just a couple of hours, before you get a glimpse of Shirane’s peak.

hiking shirane-9
Mt. Shirane interior lake

The lakes are beautiful.

hiking shirane-11
Lake Chuzenji from Shirane hiking course

The view back upon Lake Chuzeji are grand.

hiking shirane-12
abandoned hut

This is NOT the overnight hut.  This is ONLY an emergency evacuation hut on the ridgeline!

Be careful NOT to stay here for the night, this is ONLY an emergency point.

hiking shirane-13
evacuation meeting point only

This emergency hut is disgusting!  It is not meant for camping, it is vile!

Built on the ridge line overlooking Lake Chuzenji, it can be easily found.

hiking shirane-14
the real overnight camping hut

THIS is the overnight hut directly on the hiking trail.  This is the actual hut for sleeping.

hiking shirane-18
cliffs overlooking mountain range
hiking shirane-20
Shirane mountain lake and Nantai mountain on the right

That is Nantai in the background right.

Goshiki Pond with Nantai’s Peak in the background right.

hiking shirane-21
Shirane Mountain Peak

The peak of Shirane is set deep in the range.

hiking shirane-23
Nantai Mountain and Lake Chuzenji from the peak of Shirane

Shirane’s peak can be seen from Lake Chuzenji on clear days.  Nantai Mountain and Lake Chuzenji are outstanding from the peak of Shirane.

hiking shirane-25
standing on Mt Shirane peak

There is certainly enough space on the peak for everyone and for the adventurous whom want to peer straight down the cliff.

hiking shirane-29
more lakes

The north side of Shirane has another tucked away pond.

hiking shirane-31
Midage Lake near Shirane

Midage Ike (pond)  is pretty shallow, yet deep enough for a little dip.

hiking shirane-33
trail to Goshiki

The trail to Goshiki follows much of the ridge line.

hiking shirane-38
camping hut as seen in the valley

The overnight hut is that little red roof building on the path seen on the left side of Shirane.

hiking shirane-40
overgrown trail

We really don’t recommend the direct trail from Goshiki back to the Yumoto Onsen area.  It is way overgrown and along a gully.  So, you will lose your footing and not be able to see where the next step is.

hiking shirane-41
trail to dangerous

The trail back is seriously overgrown and dangerous.

hiking shirane-43
you can’t see your footing

You can barely see anything in front of you while you are walking.

hiking shirane-44The gully is deep and sheer in many locations along the trail.  NOT recommended.

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