breakfast, lunch and dinner available. Please visit our dedicated menu at

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If you have any allergies, are celiac and need gluten-free or if you are vegan, please let us know days before.

There is a mini guest kitchen that has a hotplate and microwave oven to prepare you own food. There is a tea pot / kettle upstairs in the main building. There is also a refrigerator. Help yourself to green tea and black tea anytime. Clean-up after yourself.

Also, there is a BBQ grill available that you can use. You just have to bring everything you need for the actual cooking part, we can supply you the charcoal for ¥1000 per 3kg box. The local home center Kanseki has 3kg boxes for ~¥700.

BBQ lounge area
BBQ available
scout with pizza
scout with pizza

“spis morgenmad som en konge frokost som en prins og aftensmad som en fattigmand”

Matsuya is a family owned local restaurant (Not the Japan chain) 4.7km downstream from the hostel.

2996 Itaga, Kanuma, Tochigi 321-1111

Meguri is between Tobu Nikk? Station and the temples and shrines in the tourist area of Nikko.

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