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Cherry Blossom Forecast 2024: Sakura Season in Nikko, Japan

What to Expect from the 2024 Cherry Blossom Season in Nikko Sakura historically blossoms between early April to late April in this part of Nikko. Follow our instagram; we'll we'll let you know as to the status of the blossoms once they begin to appear. Add this event to your calendar to get updates; we will revise the dates as the cherry blossoms occur. When Will the Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Nikko in 2024? Nikko is quite large. The difference in elevation is from 200m to 2000m above sea level and mountains peaks being up to 2600m. This has a very large impact on the weather, temperature and in April, the (Sakura) cherry blossoms’ arrival. Earth Hostel - Nikko Riverhouse is in southern Nikko at an elevation of ~300m, so it is usual to experience cherry blossoms a 3 to 5 days before tourist Nikko (The Sacred Bridge, Futarasan Shrine, Toshogu Shire, JR Nikko Station and Tobu Nikko Station) and near Chuzenji Lake, Yumoto, Yunoko, Senjogahara, Odashigohara and Nantai Mountain.   It is usually 2-3 weeks later that the cherry buds open around Chuzenji Lake, Yumoto, Lake Yu (Yunoko), Senjogahara, Odashigohara, Nantai Mountain. The cherry blossom season in Japan has minor variations each year. The 2024 cherry blossom forecast for Nikko hints at marginally later (a day or two) than usual bloom, contrasting slightly with the previous years. Saturday April 13 and Sunday April 14 should be spectacular for the cherry tree blossoms along the 2km "Cherry Tree Lane" here around earth hostel. Since only very few trees are starting to bloom, it's a guarantee that the following weekend; Saturday April 20 and 21 will be fine, too. You can see the cherry trees and blossoms along the famous road, "Cherry Tree Lane" with 250 cherry trees between the road and river for 2km here in Nikko. Earth Hostel - Nikko Hostel Riverhouse is on this road amongst the trees. The plum blossoms (Ume) have been blooming for several days.That means that the cherry blossoms (Sakura) are next.  The cherry petals are luminous and irridescent which gives them an edge on beauty as compared with the plum blossoms. Not to mention that it should be slightly warmer 3 weeks later when the cherry blossoms arrive and this must also contribute to their popularity. Keep in mind that Nikko, Tochigi is a large mountainous region. The difference in elevation between Toshogu Shrine and Chuzenji Lake is around 600 meters, so it is cooler near the lake and therefore the blossoms may bloom slightly later. 100m from the hostel is a famous place for parking to view the numerous cherry blossoms along Black River about 50m south of the hostel. the hostel is in southern Nikko and at 300m above sea level  Historic Sites Surrounded by Cherry Blossoms Imagine cherry blossoms serving as a pastel backdrop to the vermilion structures of Toshogu Shrine or the serene beauty of the Tamozawa Imperial Villa. Nikko weaves its historical sites with the seasonal spectacle of cherry blossom bloom, offering a visual feast that's both culturally rich and aesthetically pleasing. It's a harmonious blend where nature compliments history, and history enhances the beauty of nature. Best Views of Cherry Blossoms in Nikko For the cherry blossom enthusiast, Nikko's landscapes unfold as a canvas painted with the delicate strokes of sakura. Lake Chuzenji's shores are scattered with a few cherry trees that mirror their beauty in the tranquil waters. The Yayoi Spring Festival "Cherry Blossom Festival" in Nikko The Yayoi spring festival in Nikko is a showcase of vibrant culture set against the backdrop of nature's finest display. Expect streets lined with food stalls offering seasonal delicacies, performances that echo the centuries-old traditions, and, of course, a few cherry blossoms.  Click the Yayoi Spring Festival to find out the dates and more... Keep your schedule open at this time of the year and be ready to have a cherry blossom party (hanami) on any night. It is quite rare that it lasts two weekends in any location. Enjoy the moment. The petals are delicate and will fall to the ground if it is windy or if it rains. Enjoy Spring. The nearby park for cherry blossom viewing The park in the below post is a nice bike ride away to enjoy many sakura cherry trees along the river. About 10km south of the hostel, there is a great park that is nearly all cherry trees.  Click the blog post listed below > The cycling post below is a beautiful, with or without cherry blossoms, drive or cycling ride in to or out of Nikko.

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