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Getting to the Unesco World Heritage area in Nikko Japan is either

All the sites are together, so it only takes about 2.5 hours to see everything.  (Add 1 hour if you walk the back trail to Takino Shrine and Shiraito waterfall.)  It is important to go to the Ticket Counter (bottom left) to get the combination ticket instead of paying the entrance fee for each attraction, as the combination ticket is about a quarter of the price of paying separately.

At the top of the first map there is Takino Shrine (on the map written as Takinoo Jinja).  Next to it is Shiraito waterfall.  This is a nice excursion after visiting the Shrines and Temples.

These maps are given out at the info counter that the Nikko Information Center (the one in Gokomachi) has set up at Tobu Nikko station. http://www.nikko-jp.org/english/toshogu/index.html

Map of Toshogu Shrine

Nikko Information Center also has a Maps of the Takino trail which include the world heritage area  It’s the red map on their site. It is called Takino Path / Kanman Path.  If you do walk the trail to Shiraito waterfall and Takino Shrine, add about an hour to the 2.5hr time it takes for just the temples and shrines.

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