Tamozawa Imperial Villa

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Only built relatively recent in 1899, it was a summer retreat for 3 emperors before becoming a park in 1947 after World War II.

What park grounds are quite vast and beautiful with gardens and creeks.  However property is only about 1/3 of the original size.  

With 106 rooms, there are corridors that surround and connect the rooms, some secretly.  It costs ¥500 and you could easily spend half a day walking through the rooms, around the gardens and eating ice-cream or soup at the restaurant area of the park.

Closed Tuesdays and If that’s a national holiday, it’s closed the following Wednesday, too.  Open 9-5pm, winter 9-4pm

My favorite room, the “meditation room” >

the same photograph uploaded to 500px >


maple tree maple tree

Showa Emperor evacuated to Nikko for a year from 1944 and likely is the one to have the shelters built. >

Air raid shelter Air raid shelter

Located in this memorial park is a nearly 420 year old cherry tree located in the garden of Emperor Taisho. (no photo, yet.)

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