autumn leaves forecast 2012 Oct10

momiji, maple tree, birch tree
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To see the Nikko Autumn Leaves is a great reason to visit Nikko in October and into November. With varying altitudes of 300 meters above sea level to the hiking trails in OkuNikko at 1500 meters above sea level the fall foliage season is long. Since there is established tourism for the OkuNikko region, most travellers can easily see autumn leaves in a variety of scenes.

October 10, 2012 >

Lake Yu, Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves, Yumoto Onsen, Yunoko, Lake Yu, momiji, birch

Autumn Leaves, Yumoto Onsen, Yunoko, Lake Yu, momiji, birch

Yumoto, Yunoko, Lake Yu, Autumn Leaves

Yumoto Onsen, Autumn Leaves

At 1200m, the area around Futarasan Bridge and Chuzenji Lake are just beginning with colors.  Chuzenji Lake, Daiya River at Futarasan Bridge

Footsteps away from the Torii (Gate) that welcomes travellers to OkuNikko, the boardwalk is lined with maple trees and ginkgo trees >

It easy to find a place to pause along the boardwalk to enjoy the lake and the colors around you >

Looking back at the Torii (Gate) are the swan boats that are famous to ride in the summer >

Looking northward from the boardwalk on Chuzenji Lake is the amazing Nantai Mountain, a great hike. >

You’d need a day to hike around Lake Chuzeji to get to the other side to find remote locations to see the autumn leaves in tranquility >

At the steps of Chuzenji Futarasan Shrine at the base of Nantai Mountain and it’s hiking trail are some splendid Japanese maple trees scattered around >

Further north near Ryuzu waterfall is the trailhead to Takayama, a sure hike to see great fall foliage >

One of the most photographed places in Nikko and surely all of Nikko is the area around Ryuzu Waterfall >

Ryuzu Waterfall >

Every year some Japanese maple trees comes out of hiding amongst the green for most of the year to shine a brilliant red for several days >

Kotoku pasture is lined with mostly pine trees, but still a great spot along the Lake Karikomi and Lake Kirikomi Hike >

With two restaurants near Sanbonmatsu Park, it is a great place to relax and have a picnic at one of the many picnic tables nearby >

Sanno pass along the Lake Karikomi and Lake Kirikomi Hike > 

Sanno pass along the Lake Karikomi and Lake Kirikomi Hike is a few hundred meters above sea level, so the trees along this hike turn several days earlier > 

A lone maple grows amongst a forest of pines near Kotoku Marsh and the Lake Karikomi and Lake Kirikomi Hike >

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