Sakura / Cherry Blossoms in Nikko Japan

Nikko is quite large. The difference in elevation is from 200m to 2000m above sea level and mountains peaks being up to 2600m. This has a very large impact on the weather, temperature and in April, the (Sakura) cherry blossoms’ arrival.

SPACE riverhouse hostel is in southern Nikko at an elevation of ~300m, so it is usual to experience cherry blossoms a 3 to 5 days before tourist Nikko (The Sacred Bridge, Futarasan Shrine, Toshogu Shire, JR Nikko Station and Tobu Nikko Station) and near Chuzenji Lake, Yumoto, Yunoko, Senjogahara, Odashigohara and Nantai Mountain.  It is usually 2-3 weeks later that the cherry buds open around Chuzenji Lake, Yumoto, Lake Yu (Yunoko), Senjogahara, Odashigohara, Nantai Mountain.

100m from the hostel is a famous place for parking to view the numerous cherry blossoms along Black River about 50m south of the hostel:

The road that the following photograph is lined with cherry trees for 2 kilometers, and it is called “Cherry Tree Lane”.

the Hostel is surrounded by these trees on both sides; East and North.

Black River, Cherry Blossoms & the hostel Black River, Cherry Blossoms & the hostel

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